Friday, December 6, 2013

Long time no see.

Hey Encik Belog! so how are you?
hope you're doing fine without me for these few months.
it had been so long since i feel like i wanna share something in here..
and for the past few days i think this might be the right time for me to get back to you..
kehkehkeh ^^

okay let me tell you..
i dont know since when did i get this weiiirrddd feelings..
last 3 months,maybe?
but this feelings just become stronger lately..
yknow how it feels when you miss someone but you cant do anything bout it?
i feel pain in my chest i cant stop thinking bout that person..
i can see him but i cant meet him..i wanna talk to him but i cant! 
hell yeahhh i can do NOTHING!
and i know it's impossible for us to be together..
if only i know how to undo my feelings -__-

Encik I like him? :(

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


12th of august 2013.
Short, but it means a lot to me. When i come to think about it, this question playing in my mind,
"APA dan DIMANA silapnya KITA?"
Everytime i re-read those messages,,,  u'll come to my dreams. like, EVERYTIME.
Till now,,, i've never think that your feelings were not true .. coz u never denied.

i hope there's a day u can tell me what happened back then .. so i can move on ..
i still care .. make me stop ..

Saturday, February 9, 2013

January 2013 ^^

Assalamualaikum people :)
okey i know it's already too late for me to write an entry bout  january...
but never mind coz i still want to share all my memories..i spent my january very well and i guess it was one of my greatest january ever :)

Pantai Teluk Cempedak
i love the colours ^^
us <3
they made my day 
we are awesome like that..wehooo :D
SAHABAT untuk selamanya 

yes, that's me :)
with kakde and khairun <3
 shee, reen, ME, and khairun
proud to be one of them 
after we won our first game (i love those spirit we had at that time) :'D
we're the first runner-up :D
 though we only able to win the second place, im still so proud of my team..we didn't even expect we can play until the final..congratulation girls..i love u all..SO MUCH <3

and all those days i had spent with my classmates and housemates 
we woke up early and went to pasar tani after we jog every weekend..lovely roommates :)

 enjoyed my Saturday Night Fever with ex-housemates
our very first picture..yes, it is sad to think that this is our first picture together, completely as one group..i love them and i hope our friendship will last forever :')

there were a lot of  things happened actually but i dont have enough picture to show u..
too many things taught me to be more matured and wise..
especially in the matters of friendship..
dear you, im better without you..much better :)
thank you coz u showed me how to differentiate between fake and true friend..
dont take me for granted coz now i already know you are my FAKE FRIEND
and one more thing you should know, if i treat you the way you treated me, you would hate me dear :')

forgive my mistakes people. im a human. im trying to be better 


Monday, January 7, 2013

Now I know :)

If you don't mean it, you wouldn't say it..
it's oke coz at least i know where i'm standing now..

I'll never tell you anything.. and i'll never share my problems to you again..
 so, don't worry


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013 everyone!

Eh hey people!
fyi, im celebrating my new year on my bed, in my room, at UiTM Kuantan..
for sure, without my family la kann.. :'(
masuk tahun baru, umur pun bakal meningkat, mati semestinya semakin dekat..
sama-sama muhasabah diri.. :')
berapa banyak dosa yg kita buat tahun lepas?masih mau buat dosa yg samakah utk tahun ne??
lupakan yg lama, gantikan dgn kisah baru..
insyaAllah tahun yg baru ne akan perbaiki diri masing2..
and i know, teda guna kalau tau cakap ja kan??
awal tahun ja semangat mau set azam macam2, ending teda dapat apa2, mmg teda guna la penat mau fikir azam tu..
so tahun ne pun ada banyaaaakkkk benda yg mau achieve..
bukan mcm tahun lalu, azam dan wishlist tahun ne teda yg merepek oke :)
so my azam and wishlist la jugak (tak sama kan azam dgn wishlist tu??) adalah seperti yg berikut :

1. pointer 3.5 and ABOVE
2. degree in law (but IN CASE i cant, it's still ok IF i've tried my best)
3. no heart feelings, no hard feelings (no boyfriend, less cry)
4. better person (improve in ibadah, relationship with human and Allah, more mature)

  it's enough with these 4 things, i guess..
wish banyak2 pun kalau teda usaha utk achieve benda2 tu, teda guna jugak kan?
insyaAllah, will try my best to fulfill my list..
 pray for me!
bah, thats all for this 1st post in 2013..

blessed new year you all :D