Friday, December 6, 2013

Long time no see.

Hey Encik Belog! so how are you?
hope you're doing fine without me for these few months.
it had been so long since i feel like i wanna share something in here..
and for the past few days i think this might be the right time for me to get back to you..
kehkehkeh ^^

okay let me tell you..
i dont know since when did i get this weiiirrddd feelings..
last 3 months,maybe?
but this feelings just become stronger lately..
yknow how it feels when you miss someone but you cant do anything bout it?
i feel pain in my chest i cant stop thinking bout that person..
i can see him but i cant meet him..i wanna talk to him but i cant! 
hell yeahhh i can do NOTHING!
and i know it's impossible for us to be together..
if only i know how to undo my feelings -__-

Encik I like him? :(